Institute of Health Sciences, Management and Technology Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology (DMIT) Diploma in Dialysis Therapy (DDT)Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (DNM) Bachelor Degree Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc. MLT) Bachelor Degree Medical Imaging Technology  (BSc. MIT) Bachelor Degree in Dialysis Therapy (BSc. DT) Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Management

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Eligible CustomerLocal Students (Myanmar Citizens) who secured admission to SML Institute of Health Sciences, Management and Technology to attend Diploma in Health Science Technology Courses (DMLT, DMIT, DDT)
Age of BorrowerMinimum age 21. If a student is minor, main borrower shall be his/her father or mother (or) close relative if mother or father passed away
Personal GuaranteeThe student along with his/her Father or Mother as Joint Borrower or close relative if mother or father passed away
Collateral security unsecured Loan up to 15 Mn : If loan amount is over 15 Mn, borrower needs to support collateral such as apartment, condo, cash security
Loan amount & interest 20 % to 80% of the total cost of study
InterestMonthly interest (12% per year) shall be paid by the guarantor to the Institution
Repayment HolidayCourse Period + One Year from the declaration date of result or 6 months from getting a job, whichever is earlier.
Required documents and other KYC (Know Your Customer) DocumentsOne copy each of marks list, certificate(s) or degree(s)
Detail of loan repayment with mode and frequency of payment
Detail about the course, which the student would like to study
Any other relevant documents to prove the qualification and achievements(s)

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Manipal-SML Institute

Education Loan

Shall be granted for local students (Myanmar Citizens) only

There will be:

  1. Bank Loan (Up to 80% of tuition fees) for students who will attend MBA Courses.

  2. Institute Loan (Up to 90% of tuition fees) from Manipal-SML Institute for students who will attend Health Sciences Technology Courses.

Institute loan will be considered on an individual basis by personal interview. Details of Education Loan information can be enquired by contacting us on or or directly to the Registrar’s Office of the Institute.

Manipal-SML Institute


Loan Facilities

Loan Information

  • Up to 80% of Loan (depends on individual basis) will be disbursed.
  • Repayment shall be in 5 years after completion of course plus 1 year from the date of  final result or 6 months from the date of employment, whichever is earlier.
  • Interest Rate
    14.5% p.a - subject to change

Early Repayment Fees

  • 3.00% on prepaid amount (if paid during the first 2 years of loan period)
  • 2.00% on prepaid amount (if paid during the third year of loan period)
  • 1.00% on prepaid amount (if paid after 3 years of loan period)

Documentation Required

  • 1. Copy of Degree mark list & Certificate 
  • 2. Detail of Fees Structure with mode & frequency of payment
  • 3. Detail about the university where the students is going to study 
  • 4. Any other relevant documents to prove the qualification and involvement